Text to give donations will now show up on several reports in the admin, our new feature allows you to set dates of when you would like those donations to show on these reports. The image below shows the page located under Donations/Text to give > Settings. 

You can specify a date range for donations to be included in various reports in the admin.  You can specify a start date and no end date, an end date and no start date, both dates or neither date.  The page will ensure that your date range start date is not after your end date and vice versa.  The default for each account right now is to include all dates.

Reports that include Text-to-Give Donations:

  • Post Event report
  • Auction Overview 
  • Non Silent items

Dashboard > In Event will now include Text to give/Online Donations in the ‘Donations’ total and will also show only the donation amount (no cc fees added) in the TTG section.

Text to Give Confirmation Receipt: The 1st email listed under Contact Information (Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information) will receive a confirmation receipt of any completed text to give donations submitted.