Concierge bidding allows volunteers to help bidders place bids during an in-person event if they do not have their phones. 

Start by going to Event Central > Butler. Once you are signed in, open up another window and pull up the events Landing Page. 

  • On the Landing Page, scroll down to 'Auction Preview'. This will show all of the items in your auction as well as the starting/current bids. If a bidder wants help placing a bid, you can show them the preview so they can browse the items.
  • Once the bidder decides on an item to bid on, pull up the Butler, and find the section labeled 'Add a live bid/Multi-sale/Silent Bid':

  • Enter the bidder information, the item information, and the amount they want to bid. You can place a Max Bid on the butler which allows the system to raise the bid on the bidder's behalf up to the amount of the Max Bid, this way the bidder doesn't have to keep finding a volunteer to place multiple bids every time they are outbid.