Do you have a bidder that wants to separate their payment with 2 payment methods? Follow this best practice on how to complete this using the Butler. 

From Event Central > Butler > Bidder Lookup > search for the first name or last name of the bidder. Tap the red Checkout Button. 

At the top, there will be an itemized list of their winnings or purchases. You can select the specific items they want to pay for right now. Deselecting an item will remove it from the checkout and total you want to process. Once you have the items selected for checkout, under 'Choose a Payment Type' select your method and press 'Submit'.

Once you process the payment, the bidder will receive an emailed bidder statement referencing the purchase and payment method. 

After pressing submit, the page will redirect you to the homepage of the butler. Repeat this process for the same bidder and choose the other payment method. 

Search for the bidder's name or last name, click the red 'Checkout!' button. The page will have the remaining items in the bidder's cart selected. Then, choose the other payment method. Press Submit. The bidder will then receive another emailed statement with their purchases on this payment method.