Go to Event Central >Butler or use cbo.io/butler and sign in using your event ID and Admin Password

  1. Use the butler to help guests check out and verify payment.

  2. Lookup bidder by either bidder number or name.

  3. When you find their name, look to the right to see if they have a checkout available. If they do, there will be a Red “Checkout!” button.

  4. Tap on the “Checkout!” button. Select payment type in the dropdown. Verify there is an email on file and then hit submit. Payment is processed and a receipt is sent to the email that was on file.

NOTE: If you have the Butler Bidder Checkout Donation Item setting turned on, a volunteer can easily add a donation for the bidder if they have not done so previously. The volunteer can simply ask the bidder if they would like to submit a donation and then continue to checkout the bidder with that donation added to their cart. 

5. To verify that payment was made either by the guest submitting on their phone or them seeing a volunteer at the checkout help table, you will again look the bidder up in the butler. They will now have a “Paid Items” button to the right of their name and no “Checkout!” button.

6. Click on “Paid Items” and it will list everything they have paid for. If you have where items are located at your event (table name) it will also show here by the items.

*Note: If you are going to organize items by winning bidder before checkout, we recommend using the report called “Current Winning Bids”. You can find this report under the Event Central tab > Current Winning Bids. Sort spreadsheet by bidder name/number.

Check-Out Printable Instructions

Attached below are printable check out instructions you can give to your volunteers