Leaderboard - The leaderboard is a display feature for your auction items. You can also display the Auction Total on your display. Typically, the leaderboard is meant for in-person events to display on a projector to display the current standing of your items. You also can embed the leaderboard on your landing page. 

  • Event Central > Leaderboard.  Here you can adjust the display settings.
  • Launch Leaderboard. Press the 'Launch Leaderboard' button to populate a new browser and display your Leaderboard. Click F11 on your keyboard to display the leaderboard full-screen. 
  • Leaderboard Share Link. Copy the 'Leaderboard Share Link' under the 'Launch Leaderboard' button. You can send this in your welcome text, in your Mass Messaging (if you have that upgrade), put it on social media, and send it through personal email.
  • Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Any section (A-D).  You can embed the Leaderboard on your landing page.   
    • *Note the data storage limit per section is 16MB
    • Click on the Icon shown highlighted below and select the desired option. This creates a shortcode.
    • Click on 'Embed Leaderboard'. This will add the shortcode [leaderboard] to your content area. View the landing page and the leaderboard will be embedded.