Activity Ticker is a display feature used to show the full activity of your event. You can populate this display and display it on a projector at your in-person event, or you can embed it on your landing page for your bidders to view. 

Event Central > Activity Ticker. 

  • Tweak your activity settings and colors. 
  • Launch your Activity Ticker. Press the blue 'Launch Activity Ticker' button. This will launch the activity ticker in another browser for you to project on a display. You can press F11 on your keyword to display full-screen. 
  • Share the link. Under the Launch Activity Ticker button, there is a share link. Copy this link and paste it wherever you would like to share. You can send this in your welcome text, in your Mass Messaging (if you have that upgrade), put it on social media, and send it through personal email.
  • Embed on your Landing Page. Go Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Any section (A-D) *Note the data storage limit per section is 16MB
    • Click on the Icon shown highlighted below and select the desired option. This creates a shortcode.
    • Click on 'Embed Activity Ticker'. This will add the shortcode [activity ticker] to your content area. View the landing page and the activity ticker will be embedded.