Event Central > Event Payments 

This tab allows you to view all bidders who have paid or not paid for their winnings. 

The page is broken into Unpaid Checkouts and Paid Checkouts. 

Unpaid Checkouts: This is a list of bidders who have donated, purchased, or won an item and have NOT paid. 

If your bidders have a credit card on file, you can batch process those cards and manually check out the bidders. To do this, select all the bidders and press the blue 'Batch Process' Button. This will charge the bidder's card for their purchases and send a receipt via email. 

This process can take up to 15 mins to process. Do not batch process a bidder more than once. Also, if you are going to batch process, make sure the setting for 'Guests can Checkout from Phone' is set to NO under Auction Settings to avoid duplicate charges. 

Paid Checkouts: This is a list of your bidders who have already checked out. From this screen, you can view who has checked out and for what total as well as the checkout date and type. From this page, you can also submit a refund. Click this best practice for more information on refunds.