Rapid Fire

The Rapid Fire Appeal Display is meant for in-person events to display on a projector and show an accurate total of all donations submitted through a paddle raise. The Rapid Fire appeal display will only show the total give, not the names of the individuals who have given. 

Event Central > Appeal Display

1) Choose Rapid Fire Keypad

2) Tweak your Settings 

3) Launch Appeal. 

Launching the appeal will populate the appeal display on a new browser. On your keyboard, press f11 to make the appeal display full screen. 

You should display this launched appeal on a projector or monitor to be displayed in front of your audience.

4) Submit Donations during Paddle Raise 

From Event Central > Butler > Rapid Fire Keypad > click the blue donation button for the donation item you have created. 

(If you do not see a blue button under Rapid Fire Keypad, please create a donation item under Items > Manage Items > Add Item > Donation item type). 

Once you click on the blue button, a new screen will appear with the pre-set denominations that you have already added at the item level. (If you need to add pre-set denominations, please do so under Items > Manage Items > Donation Item > Pre-Set Denominations) 

Clicking on a green denomination button will increase the Total Donations on the Rapid Fire Appeal Display. As your bidders are raising their paddles, simply press the green button for every paddle raised during that denomination. The main point of rapid-fire appeal display is to show an accurate donation total, so make sure you are clicking the buttons the correct amount of times to show an accurate total.

We suggest having a volunteer write down the bidder numbers as well for later when you have to attach the donations to the bidder's account to checkout. 

Green Button Click = 1 Paddle Raised for that Amount

4) Attach donations to the bidder's account. 

From Event Central > Butler > Add Donations for Bidders, enter in all the bidder numbers at the corresponding increment. 

Once you click on the blue button, your pre-set denominations will appear with a blank field to type in the bidder numbers. 

Simply type in the bidder number and press enter. EX: 1 0 5 enter. 

Once you press enter, you have held that bidder accountable for that donation amount and they will be able to checkout for the donation on their phone or through the check-out table. 

If you need to remove a donation you submitted, click the X on the green icon. Accidentally typed in the wrong number or wrong amount.