Adding Paddle Raise Donations into the Admin 



1) To attach donations to the bidder's account, go to Event Central > Butler > Add Donations for Bidders

2) Once you click on the blue button, your pre-set denominations will appear with a blank field to type in the bidder numbers. 


Blue Box = Mobile Donation (bidder submitted)

Green Box = Donation added via Butler 

Yellow Box = Floor Bid (Rapid Fire)

Grey Box = Paid

Simply type in the bidder number and press enter. EX: 1 0 5 enter. 

NOTE: Only type in bidder numbers, not names.

Once you press enter, you have held that bidder accountable for that donation amount and they will be able to checkout for the donation on their phone or through the check-out table. 


If you need to remove a donation you submitted, click the X on the green icon next to the bidder number. Accidentally typed in the wrong number or wrong amount.


When submitting donations for bidders, the appeal display will show their name, and their donation amount will be added to the total raised. 

The moment you add the bidder number through the butler, the appeal display will show the bidder first and last name and the amount will be added. The appeal display updates in real time, so you will not need to refresh your screen or link to show the incoming donations. 

To access the Appeal Display, go to Items > Manage Items > Donation Item > Green Pencil > Projected Display Settings > Appeal Display Share Link.