This best practice will walk you through archiving your past event.

Note: Please do not archive before all of your funds have been deposited to your bank account via ACH.

To check if you have funds that need to be deposited, go to Merchant Report > Unreconciled Transactions. If you do not have any unreconciled transactions, all your funds have been deposited.

What does archiving do?

The main goal of archiving is to reset reporting, sales data, statements, close out your past event and save this information for future reference.

In your admin, go to Software Settings > Data Management to begin the archiving process.

Your archive options are:

Archive & Remove Bidders, Bids, Items/Images

Archive & KEEP Bidders

Archive & KEEP Items and Images

Archive & KEEP Bidders and Items/Images

*Please note the landing page will not archive during this process. 

Explanation of each Archive: 

Archive & Remove Bidders, Bids, Items/Images: 

  • This is basically a clean slate! This option will remove all bidders and item information. If you are looking to save your item images, download a zip file of your images prior to archiving, as these images do not get saved within the archives. To download a zip, go to Software Settings > Manage All Images > Download Zip.

Archive & KEEP Bidders:

  • Archiving and keeping bidders will keep all bidder information within the manage bidders tab. Keeping bidder information will save all bidder numbers, contact information, created tags, and any credit card information.

Archive & KEEP Items and Images:

  • This is a common option when people are going to have unique guests/bidders per each event, but a similar or same set of items to auction off. This option will remove all bidders, yet keep the items and images.

Archive & KEEP Bidders and Items/Images:

  • This may seem like you are doing NOTHING but keep in mind, you want a clean slate by removing reporting, sales data, and statements to close out your past event and save this information for future reference. 

*Please note that your text to give donations and ticket sales are a separate archive. 


  • I archived and my landing page still looks the same/old information is still there?

    • The information on your landing page will not archive, you simply edit over top of it!  Be sure to check that your dates are correct and links are working/relevant when editing your landing page.

  • How do I get rid of my old items with bids now that I have entered new items?

    • The software will not allow you to delete any items with bids, this is when you will archive instead. Please go to Software Settings > Data Management to choose the type of archive you want to perform. 

  • Where is my old archived data?

    • The archived data can be viewed under Software Settings > Connect to Archives.

    • To switch between different events or archives, use the 'Switch Archive' button in the top right corner. 

  • You can click on the CSV button on the top of the Archive page and download a spreadsheet with all of your archived info for each section.

  • Data included in the archiving process is:

    • Items

    • Item Donors

    • Bidders

    • Bids

    • Ticket Sales 

    • Donations 

    • Auction Sales

  • I am nervous, am I ready to archive?

    • Some reasons why you might not be ready to archive:

      • You have bidders that are not checked out. If you proceed with the archiving process, you will lose the ability to process payments in the admin for any of those unpaid checkouts. There may be a situation where you have tried to contact bidders to pay for donations or auction items but have not been successful. To view and export your current unpaid items (before archiving), go to Event Central > Event Payments.

      • You haven’t received all merchant proceeds from prior events before renewing, or the ACH data will be removed from your account, and may delay receiving the funds in your account. You can see this in the merchant report.

      • You may want to download some reports before archiving to save for your records. The Post Event Report is very comprehensive regarding all of your event reports and is not included within the archive. The Event Sales report, Ticket Sale Report and Online Donation reports are the only reports viewable from the archives, as well as bidder statements.

  • How do I archive my old messages in mass messaging?

    • Your mass messages will not disappear when archiving, they will remain under Bidders > Text/Email Bidders > Pre-Composed Messages. From here you can edit, reuse or discard these messages for your next event. Archiving does not touch your messages, meaning any pre-composed messages will be automatically saved. The ‘Sent To’ bidder log may lose data depending on your bidder archive.

  • Why do my Text To Give totals still show on my homepage?

    • Online Donations or Text to Give Donations have a separate archive. 

    • Did you archive your Text To Give donations?

      • Go to Donations/Text-To-Give > Manage Donations and see if you have donation items here, if so:

      • Go to Donations/Text-To-Give > Manage Donations > Toggle all Donations > Scroll Down to Batch Update > Toggle Delete > Type in Delete > Process Batch 

      • The donations will then show under the Software Settings > Connect to Archives page.

*Please note if you archive your ticket page, donations/TTG page, and your auction on the same day they will appear in the same archive.  

  • Why are my ticket sales higher than what I am seeing in the sale summary?

    • Did you archive your previous ticket pages?

      • Go to Event Tickets, do you have more than one ticket page?  You will want to archive old ticket pages to keep reporting for your current ticket page clean.

      • Go to Event Tickets > View Ticket Sales > Toggle all Items > Scroll Down to Batch Update > Toggle Delete and Type Delete > Update. 

      • The archive will then show under the Software Settings > Connect to Archives page.

*Please note if you archive your ticket page, donations/TTG page, and your auction on the same day they will appear in the same archive.  

  • How does archiving work with Travelpledge?

    • TravelPledge items that have not had sales data sent, will not be archived. To check to make sure your TravelPledge Items sales data has been sent go to Software Settings>BidKit 2>locate the TravelPledge tab and click the drop-down arrow> Click Auction Items> and where it says Sale Sent to TravelPledge if it says No, do not archive yet. 

  • Where will bidders credit cards go if I archive?

    • Archiving and Keeping Bidders will keep the Bidder's Credit Cards on file.

    • Archiving and Removing Bidders will remove the Bidder’s Credit Cards from ClickBid entirely.

  • Where do my photos go once I archive?

    • If you choose to remove images, they will be deleted and not saved in the archives. If you are looking to save them for future events, you will need to download the zip file under Software Settings > Manage All Images > Download zip

  • You’ve archived, now what??!!

    • When you are ready to start a new event go to Software Settings > Account Status > Events > Activate Next Event. 

    • Enter in Event Start and End Date & times and choose any upgrade options. Then scroll down to the Process Changes & Finish button. 

      • Please pick the start/end dates as close to your actual event dates as possible.  You can work on your event without the start date having passed!

      • If your event dates need to be changed, please submit a support request to your Account Manager by going to Training/Support > Request Support.

      • If this is a second, third, or fourth event there will be no charge with this process.

      • You may need to renew your license if you have finished your 4th event, or your renewal date is in the past. Please see the red ‘Renew Now’ button on the homepage.