10.0 Release

This best practice discusses our recent software update features and updates. 

Release Date: December 28th, 2021

  • User Permissions 

    • We now have the option for you to create user accounts with unique permission settings per user. This will create separate login information for your team and hide or allow certain permissions to each user. 

    • For more information and how to set up user’s please view this best practice.

    • To view a tutorial on this new setting, click this link to view the video.

  • Two Factor Bidder Login 

    • We now have a more secure way for your bidders to log in and place bids. 

    • Each bidder will have to enter in a one-time login code sent via email or text message. 

    • If the bidder chooses to log out by pressing the logout button, they will have to enter the login code again when attempting to log in. 

    • This feature does remove the bidder’s ability to add a password while self-registering.

  • Bidder Login Process

    • Bidders no longer have the ability to log in with a bidder number. 

    • Your bidders will have the ability to log in to bid with their phone number or email address, followed by the login code sent to the corresponding device. Once your bidder enters the login code, they will be able to bid or donate. 

  • Register Now Button 

    • The register now button will now only be visible on the landing page when the auction is closed. Once the auction is open, the register now button will disappear and any nonregistered bidders will attempt to log in but will be directed to register by filling in the missing information.

    • The organization’s logo will now appear on the top of the register page when a bidder is registering themselves.

  • Bidding Site 

    • MENU on Bidding Site 

      • The menu button on the bidding site will now have more functioning information. Your bidders will be able to view categories and other filters including winning items, losing items, and favorited items. 

    • The Blue Gear Icon

      • This icon will now appear for every bidder once logged into the bidding site. This area is to update the contact information (phone number, email, and address) and credit card information. The blue gear icon can be found in the upper left corner of the bidding site near the bidder’s name. 

  • Admin Style Changes 

    • The admin has had some style changes including text, icons, and color.

  • Connect to BidKit

    • All integrations with third-party CRMs will now be located under Software Settings > Connect to BidKit. 

    • Integrations include Neon, Salesforce, Kindful, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Double the Donation, Classy & TravelPledge. 

    • To view best practices on our integrations, click this link.