Custom bidder tags act like short notes for you to keep track of under Bidders > Manage bidders. These tags will show on the right side of the screen under the tags column. 

The tags will also show when checking in bidders at an in-person event using the butler.

Create custom tags by going to Bidders > Manage Bidders:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Bidders page to find the Custom Tags section, or click the Custom Tags Navigation selection at the top of the page. 
  • Create your tag by typing it in the Tag Name box and clicking Create Tag.

  • The tags are limited to 20 characters, lower case letters, numbers, and spaces. Special characters will be removed automatically.
  • Update multiple bidder records at once by using the batch update feature. Select the bidders you want to assign an existing tag to, scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Bidders page, click "Assign Custom Tag" select the tag, and click update.
    • You can also assign existing custom tags to bidders within their bidder record. Click on the bidder name on your Manage Bidders page, scroll down to the Custom Tags dropdown to select the tag under Available Tags. As soon as you click the tag it will move to Assigned Tags. To remove the tag simply click the tag and it will move back down to Available Tags. 
  • When exporting the CSV for bidders, any custom tags will be included in column N.

NOTE: Tags are not yet available in the Mass Messaging feature

Edit Existing Tags:

  • To edit a tag, scroll down to the Custom Tags section of the Manage Bidders page. Click “Edit Tags”, then click the tag you wish to edit. Use the text box to make changes. Click “Update Tag” to save changes and click “Finish Editing” when you are done editing your tags. If the tag has been applied to more than one bidder, a popup will indicate how many bidders are impacted by the change.

Delete Tags:

  • To delete a tag, click “Delete Tags”, then click the tag you wish to delete. If the tag has been applied to more than one bidder, a popup will indicate how many bidders are impacted by the change.
  • If you want to remove a tag from one bidder without deleting it you can click the X for that tag either on the Manage Bidders page or within the bidder under Assigned Tags.

Butler View:

Mass Messaging with Bidder Tags 

You now can send mass messages to your specific bidder tag. 

Bidders > Email or Text Bidders > Compose a Text/Email > Choose filter 'Bidders with Tag(s)'

Once you click on this filter, a list of all your created tags will appear. You can choose to select all or specific tags and who to send your message to. (If you only have one tag, the option to select it will not appear but the "Bidders with Tags" will still appear.)

Click Here to view a more detailed best practice on Mass Messaging and using the tags filter.

Example Bidder Tags include: 

  • vip
  • early entry
  • meal choice
  • board member
  • dietary restrictions
  • swag bag options
  • team captain
  • vaccination requirement
  • previous year participant
  • any other custom information associated with each bidder

Upcoming features for Custom Tags in 2022

  • Provide tags in the bidder import file. Tags that don’t yet exist in the admin will be created during the import process.
  • Adding/Removing bidder tags through the Butler
  • Certain Reports will be enhanced to include tags as filters with presentable charts.