This is something that will typically only happen to the admin user of the ClickBid site and is a result of our update to needing passwords.  Once logged in, you stay logged in to our bidding site for 14 days.  That being said, as an admin user, you may make changes to the system within that 14 days that will require you to log out and log back in to see correctly.  

For example: "If your Open Auction Early is set to Yes and then you logged in to the bidding site but never logged out (just closed the browser window) then went to you Landing page content and set the Open Auction Early to no (with out logging out) the register now button will not show. You would either need to clean the cache or set the Open Auction Early back to Yes, then click logout on the landing page then turn the Open Auction Early back to No."

Here is where you can log out of the bidding site: