Step 1: Login 

To login to the bidding system, simply type in your phone number or email address and press GO. 

If no bidder record is found with the phone number or email provided, and self registration is enabled, the registration page will appear for your bidder to fill in the missing information.

Step 2: Login Code 

Once you log in, the system will send a one time use login code to your device. Enter in the code sent to your device and press Next. 

NOTE: If you login with a phone number, the code will be sent via text message. If you login with an email address, the code will be sent via email.

Step 3: Confirmation 

Once you have entered in your login code and pressed next, the system will present your name. To confirm this is correct, press continue. If you are missing any information, for example, email address, phone number, or credit card information, this is the area where you will be required to enter in the missing information.