The update bidders feature allows you to update ONLY your existing bidder table assignments and/or company data. 

Bidders > Update Bidders

1) Download Template. 

2) From the downloaded template, add the bidder numbers of the bidders you want to update the table name or company name for. 

For example, in the screenshot below, bidder #212's table name will be updated to 8. The company name will also be updated to Microsoft. Bidder #569 will be updated to table 6. 

3) Once you have your template information added, save your template. 

4) From Bidders > Update Bidders > Drop File Area, upload the template into the admin. 

5) Once you uploaded the template, the Bidders > Manage Bidders screen will show the updated Table and Company information. 

Please note, you can only update table name and company information through the Update Bidders tab. 

You CANNOT update bidder numbers, contact information or any tags through this feature.