Pre-auction settings: Your closing time is set in your items. Make sure the dates and times are all correct. The items will close automatically at whatever time you have set. **Also make sure that you have the correct time zone set. Auction Settings > General Event Details Make sure you have a Payment Method set up under the Payment and Goals section of the Auction Settings page. This is how you will be processing credit card payments. Decide if you want to allow guests to check out on their own. If you do, make sure that the “Guests can checkout from phone?” toggle is turned ON (Auction Settings > Payment and Goals). Once the auction closes, all winners will have a red “Checkout Now!” button at the top of their bid site. If you plan to check everyone out from the admin side by doing a batch processing of credit cards, you will want to make sure that you require credit cards in the beginning. **If you don’t have mass messaging, you may want to include information in the Signup Thank You (if you are doing Register to Bid) or somewhere on the Landing Page about how you plan to process cards for all winners after the auction closes. Do you want to require bidders to put a credit card on file before they can log in to bid? (Landing Page Content > Login/Register Block) If you want to require it and are having them register on their own for a bidder number, you can include it as a requirement in the registration form. If you have a list of people who will be participating in the auction loaded into the admin and you also have mass messaging, you could send them the [chk] link while having the credit card requirement turned ON. If you have a list loaded, but no mass messaging, you could send them the checkin link through the Butler. You will need to turn on the require credit card option. **You will have to send out by each individual bidder. **Guests can add a credit card at any time throughout the auction. There is a Tap to Add Card link at the top of the bid site if they haven’t put it on file yet. They can always add it at checkout as well. Need to decide what all you would like to include on the checkout receipts. Do you want FMV to show? Set under Auction Settings > FMV Settings. Do you need to include any information in the footer of the receipt? Pickup information, tax ID information, your contact information, etc. Customize this under Auction Settings > Custom Content > Statement Footer. After Auction: Once the auction closes there is NOT an automatic text or email that goes out. You have a few different options for what you could do to notify the winners. If you have the “Guests can checkout from phone?” turned on, they will have a “Checkout Now!” button that will appear at the top of their bid site. If you have mass messaging, you can send out a message to the winners. There are a few different filters that you can choose from: Bidders Not Checked Out, Silent/Live Winning Bidders, or Winning Bidders Not Checked Out & No Card on File. If you don’t have mass messaging, you could create a custom text under Auction Settings > Custom Content > Custom Welcome Text. This will again need to be sent out individually. You can see all winners in the Event Sales report (sort by Bidder Number so that all items won by a bidder are all listed together). Or, if you don’t want to sort through to see who the winners are, you could create a message that you could send to everyone. If you are planning on Batch Processing everyone’s credit cards, you will need to go under Event > Event Payments to do this. Under the To Process section, toggle everyone that you want to process > make sure credit card is set for “Batch Process As” > double check the email that results will be sent to > tap “Batch Process”. This can take up to 15 minutes. Once completed, you will receive an emailed report letting you know if the processing was a success and for all of the transactions that were, an emailed receipt will be sent automatically to the email that the bidder has on file. If you are using ClickBid processing and are ready to receive payment, go to Reports > Merchant Report > wait for the page to update (this could take up to 5 minutes) > toggle all transactions you would like to receive payment for > verify amounts > select how you would like to receive that payment and fill in the required information > submit. This will be sent directly to our accountant and payment will be processed. If you have any questions on this, you can call our accountant, Brenda, at 231-220-9239.

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